Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Interior design ideas for a lady - The Romantic

 She dreams, she hopes, she smiles at life, she will find beauty in every shabby or little thing, as she is The Romantic. And what will romance be without flowers and color?! This is how we will represent a Romantic Lady transposed into her home.

 What better style to fit one of the most intimate parts of her house, if not a Shabby Chic décor? The white respects her purity, while pastel accents reflect her fantasy. 


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Interior design ideas for a lady – Home office – Working women

 She is the independent one, her work is her game and her office is her playground. Therefore she will need an exciting working space as well as she needs a fabulous working attire for outside her house.
 Here are some interesting ideas for women home offices:

 She is a Diva and will keep it this way. Bring out your “working glam” with gold insertion to your desk. You will have an Art Deco décor with geometric items, rounded sides and sleek lines. Also, keep your shoes close! A diva always has her heels near…


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Interior design ideas for a lady - The Child

 We will be referring as the child, to the one that loves day dreaming, the one that still associates mature daily situations with fairytales sequences and the one that still has a smile for everyone.

 This being said, below you can find some of our inspiration rooms for the child

She is Alice in Wonderland and no one can take that away. With an Eclectic style, this living room gets her in the right mood.