Sunday, 4 January 2015

Interior design ideas for a lady - The Child

 We will be referring as the child, to the one that loves day dreaming, the one that still associates mature daily situations with fairytales sequences and the one that still has a smile for everyone.

 This being said, below you can find some of our inspiration rooms for the child

She is Alice in Wonderland and no one can take that away. With an Eclectic style, this living room gets her in the right mood.

Her reflection of life is always in Neverland and pink is her magic.

Some pixie dust will make her sleep like a child every night.
 You don't need to be dark in order to ask Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Fly to the moon and back. Everyone can be her own Peter Pan.

Think of 1001 Nights and your bedroom design is here.

She will look for color everywhere she goes.
Be magically authentic!

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