Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Interior design ideas for a lady – Home office – Working women

 She is the independent one, her work is her game and her office is her playground. Therefore she will need an exciting working space as well as she needs a fabulous working attire for outside her house.
 Here are some interesting ideas for women home offices:

 She is a Diva and will keep it this way. Bring out your “working glam” with gold insertion to your desk. You will have an Art Deco décor with geometric items, rounded sides and sleek lines. Also, keep your shoes close! A diva always has her heels near…


 If light is your inspiration, make sure your desk is placed in front of a window. Keep it all white, or transparent, with only some fine accents of color that will not distract you. And if you want to emphasize more choose a working table, which can be purchased from specialized furnishing stores.


 If you want your home office to fit in an industrial home décor, the working tables are even more fitted. Make a statement that this is your lady working area by adding a traditional inspired armchair and fresh flowers.  Hang a board above the desk for notes, or chose a very trendy chalk board for daily annotations.


 She is the fashion blogger; colors are her work, so she knows exactly where accents must be put. Black, white and a strong shade of pink will do a perfect job for her home office, as she is powerful, elegant and joyful. For a splash of mystery, a tear dropping glass lamp can do the trick.


 Turns out she doesn’t always needs a desk. Sometimes the comfort of her bed can be most effective for research time. The romantic style beddings make her fill like summer in a field of flowers.


Be magically authentic!

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